– The best place for street food!

By: Marilena Salamanou
Feyrouz Athens (by Danai Isari )

Image by Danai Isari


If you are wandering about Athens and you are looking for street food, we have a new place for you that you should not miss! Since I discovered ‘Feyrouz’ my stomach and I feel happier!

At the very center of Athens, in the hyped neighborhood around Aiolou Street, you can have the most tasteful lechmatzoun of the city! Mrs Feyrouz, who comes from the Antioch area, cooks the lechmatzoun and her sons, Andreas and Savvas, serve them. But most of all they make a gastromomic tour for you! They have a story to tell you about every delicious food their mother makes and share this story with you.

So you first choose the lechmatzoun among the 3 different types – one with vegetables, one with minced meat and one with spice and then you can choose between hummus, taboule or spicy eggplant for your lechmatzoun. You can also try one of their pies, ftoir and zatar. And after all this great gastronomic experience you can end your visit at Feyrouz with a “ryzogalo” candie or an Arabic coffe with kardamom.

Since the very first time I visited Feyrouz I’ve visited them again and again. Not only for how gastronomically happy they make me but also because you can feel that this family runs their small business with love for food and also love for the tradition that is related to their food!