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“The oriental taste of Athens”…

“The oriental taste of Athens” Reviewed 4 September 2014NEW Everything is hand-made in that place…even the pita bread ….I did not know…and how could I…that hand made pita bread can be so tasty… Everything is so fresh and you can taste the very many spices one by one…this is the excellence of the cook….Simply amazing…simple […]

spottedbylocals.com– The best place for street food!

By: Marilena Salamanou   Image by Danai Isari   If you are wandering about Athens and you are looking for street food, we have a new place for you that you should not miss! Since I discovered ‘Feyrouz’ my stomach and I feel happier! At the very center of Athens, in the hyped neighborhood around Aiolou […]

culinarybackstreets.com: Middle Eastern Comes to Downtown Athens

Hello, Neighbors: Middle Eastern Comes to Downtown Athens by Despina Trivolis Like many cultures with a strong national food culture, Athens has been slow to welcome foreign  cuisines. First, there were the heady 1990s, when the first luxurious restaurants serving such food opened. That was followed by a decade of discovery, with the first mid-priced sushi and […]