An ever-expanding family

Feyrouz was established in 2014 by a 5-member family, which created the foundations of the idea for a unique and contemporary street food in the centre of Athens, with an ever-expanding fellowship. ‘Feyrouz’ is the name of the most popular Lebanese singer, a voice which connects the many different tribes of the Middle East. Feyrouz is also the name of our mother and our cook, who is the main advocate of the dream and venture of our cuisine.

From the silk road to Athens

Feyrouz is indissolubly connected to our multicultural heritage. Its deep roots are found in the Balkan food of Konstantinoupoli and the spirituality of the levantine tradition. Our family in our new home, Athens, is getting inspired and explores the gastronomic coexistence of East and West, creating its own blend tastes.


Athens Street Food

Today, the economic and trade centre of Athens and especially Monastiraki area, continues to recount the story of fast food and its relation with the market.
Street food was born in flea markets to serve the needs of the first economic centres and of its visitors. Bearing this philosophy in mind and believing that fast food does not have to be casual, Feyrouz is designed for the visitors of the centre, providing daily street food from home.

Hospitality and the dynamic
of our relationship with our guests

The basic characteristic of the reception in Feyrouz is that we want the guest to feel relaxed and adventurous, and in the limited time he allocates for his meal, to nurture and to be nurtured through a holistic experience. The dynamic relation between Feyrouz and its guests is a relationship of trust and security.It is based on the participation of the guests, and this is what makes Feyrouz evolve. We listen and we collect data, we filter information, we explore and we are constantly creating new gastronomic experiences which address to our people.

Experimentation & tradition

Feyrouz chooses to evolve constantly. Our kitchen wants to be inventive, contemporary and imaginative. It follows the new trends and techniques of the modern urban cuisine. Having the tradition as foundation and the experimentation and the mixing of flavours as tool, we set tastiness as the final goal. Afterall, we know that gastronomy is both a form of personal expression and a tangible aspect of our civilization.

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Our cuisine aims to be inventive, contemporary and imaginative.