A special selection of eastern puddings based on wheat, milk and semolina, hosted in our shop window.

Kazan Dibi

A famous skillet pudding, made of cow’s and goat’s milk, sugarcane and caramelized milk crust.

Kazan Gibi

A special version of the famous ottoman sweet, based on cow’s and goat’s milk, caramelized hazelnuts and oak flour of our own produce, which gives the significant subtle cocoa undertaste.

Rice pudding

The most important milk based cream presented in our version with basmati rice, ceylon cinnamon, orange and lemon zest.

Asure (Vegan)

The pudding of gratitude based on broken wheat, dried and seasonal fresh fruits, spices, dried nuts and pomegranate syrup (petimezi).


The richest milk based sweet combined with rice flour, raisins, almonds, rose water and grated coconut.

Halva (Vegan)

Based on roasted semolina, hazelnuts, raisins, dried apricots and orange syrup, served with pumpkin hosaf and tahini sorbet with roasted hazelnut by marabou.