Our handmade phyllo (yulfka), kataifi and delicious pastries are syruped daily in our kitchen. All of the syrupy sweets are recommended with kaimaki ice cream with salep.

Baklava Pistacce

Yufka based on our homemade buckwheat flour, with roasted aegina pistachios, citrus fruits and clarified butter for a more delicate aftertaste.

Baklava Vegan

Buckwheat yufka with roasted Aegina pistachios olive oil and coconut milk in a no-dairy version.

Baklava Amandine

The classic yufka filled with roasted with almond cream, carob flour, cognac and smoky fennel seeds.


Our basic item, the main attraction of our shop in a version with fresh kadaif (shredded dough), fresh cretan myzithra cheese, sheep and goat graviera made in Taygetos mountain, honey syrup of heather and coumarin, recommended with kaimaki ice cream with salep by marabou.


With hard semolina, mastic, orange syrup and hosaf stuffing of our own produce, the best company for the morning coffee.

Seker Pare

Little sour-sweet buttery cookies based on fine semolina, mastic and butter, accompanied by tsalafouti and manouri cheese cream and roasted hazelnuts.