Lahm bi-Ajin, in Arabic, when the dough meets the meat.

Delicate handmade wrapped dough with tasteful fillings, in our unique version and two additional fasting – vegan alternatives.


Minced beef with spices and seasonal herbs, recommended wrapped with homemade babaganoush*, greek style yogurt and the Feyrouz salad with pomegranate molasses.

*smoked eggplant puree with lemon juice,olive oil and spices.

Lahmanikon (Vegan)

Eight (8) different vegetables and seasonal herbs, baked on whole grained dough.  Recommended wrapped with tabbouleh, Feyrouz  colourful salad and homemade hummus bi tahina.

Za’atar the Syria’s wild thyme (Vegan)

The fourteen spices  za’atar blend, with seasonal herbs and dried nuts, baked on sourdough based whole grained dough. Recommended wrapped with Feyrouz colourful  salad and homemade hummus bi tahina.